“Are You a Death Eater?”

Join YA Lit and HP Atlanta for a game of “Are You a Death Eater?” on Friday night from 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM! We hate turning people away and cutting things off early, so this year, we’re not only in a larger room for the 2nd year running, but we’ve extended the game time by 1.5 hours! While we can’t guarantee admission, more people will be able to participate than in year’s past.

Here are the rules; if you’re unfamiliar with the game, it might be useful to read up before the big night.

Are You a Death Eater? is a Harry Potter version of the party game Mafia (also called Werewolf).

At the beginning of the game, you’ll be secretly assigned a role affiliated with either the Death Eaters or the Hogwarts students. The game is played in alternating phases: night, in which Death Eaters attempt to covertly ‘murder’ the students, and day, during which the students attempt to figure out which players are secretly Death Eaters. The game ends when the students have eliminated all the Death Eaters or the Death Eaters have picked off all the students.

Detailed Game Play and Special Roles:

The game begins with a night phase, where a moderator will ask all players to shut their eyes and ‘sleep’. The moderator will then ask all Death Eaters to awaken. They will silently learn which other players are Death Eaters and then choose one student to ‘kill’.

After the Death Eaters have made their choice, the moderator will ask all of Hogwarts to awaken for the day round and announce who has been murdered. The students (and Death Eaters masquerading as students) will then debate and try to figure out who is secretly a Death Eater. At the end of the round, the moderator will call for a vote, and one player will be ‘sent to Azkaban’ (a fate equivalent to death in the context of the game). The players will then learn the identity of the player they selected, with students hoping to have chosen a Death Eater and Death Eaters hoping to avoid being caught.

Night and day phases then alternate until one side has eliminated the other.

Though all players are aligned with either the Death Eaters or the students, some players may be given special roles with unique powers. These are described in detail below.

Aligned with the Death Eaters:

Death Eater: The Death Eaters have the power to kill one person each night. Who is killed is determined by a majority rules vote. During the day, the students will attempt to figure out who is a Death Eater and send them to Azkaban.

Dark Lord: You function just like a regular Death Eater most of the time: you awaken for the Death Eater meetings and vote with them who to kill. However, you awaken again alone right after their meeting for an additional kill. You may kill whoever you please, including other Death Eaters. You only win if you are the last person left alive.

Aligned with Hogwarts:

Students: Each day round you attempt to figure out the identity of the Death Eaters in your midst. By majority rules vote, you choose one person each day to send to Azkaban in hopes that they are a Death Eater.

Auror: Functions as a student until death (or Azkaban). When you die, you accidentally set off your wand, bringing another player (of your choice) with you into death.

Invisibility Cloak: As the owner of the invisibilty cloak, you have the abiltiy to spy on the Death Eaters during their meeting. You may peek and open your eyes while they are meeting, but be careful! If you are caught, they will probably decide to kill you! (You may not, however, spy on the Dark Lord.)

Legilimens: You have the power to see one player’s true identity per night.

Marked by the Dark Lord: You cannot be killed by Death Eaters or the Dark Lord during the night (much like Voldemort is unable to kill Harry many times.) You can, however, be killed or sent to Azkaban at any other time.

Master of Death: You are given your own turn during the night round. You have two powers. You may only use each power once. First, you can choose to save one person killed by the Death Eaters or the Dark Lord. Second, you may kill one player. To save someone, hold up one finger for the moderator to see. To kill someone, hold up two fingers and indicate who you would like to kill.

Potions Master: At the beginning of the game, you brew a love potion and give it to two players. These lovers are connected for the rest of the game. The lovers may not accuse one another at any point, and when one lover is killed, the other dies as well.

Additional cards:

The Thief:
At the very beginning of the game, the moderator will allow you to choose between two different roles. This will then be your role for the rest of the game.