The DragonCon YA Literature Track staff is pleased to present our tentative 2015 schedule, as well as our latest guest list! We’re excited to welcome for the first time Chris Rankin, who played Percy Weasley in the Harry Potter movies, and is fannish himself. He is a staple of Harry Potter fan conventions, and wrote his college thesis on fandom.

You can see Chris & ask him questions at one of his three Q&A sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of con:

11:30 AM
Regency IV-VII, Hyatt

7 PM
Marriott Imperial Ballroom

11:30 AM
Regency IV-VI, Hyatt

You can view our complete/current guest list HERE!

Plus, we’ve now posted our tentative 2015 programming schedule HERE. Things are still subject to change–things happen!–and the best way to keep track of where & when things are is by using the DragonCon app during con, but this should give you a pretty firm idea of what we’re doing this year.