Hello Dragon Con attendees! Are you a huge fan of our yearly Are You A Deatheater game? Or do you just love playing the role of moderator? In order to facilitate more attendees playing the game this year, we need to recruit some volunteers to moderate!

Want to know more about the game? You can read up on the rules HERE.

The game will take place Friday night of con, at 10 PM. Location TBD–check back on our website & see the mobile app closer to the con.

More about being a moderator

Moderators are responsible for ensuring the success of each game. As moderator, you decide which cards are in play, keep each round running smoothly, keep players interested with lively narration, and most importantly, allow the game to play out without ruining the suspense.

As moderator, you will become fluent in silent gesturing. You may speak very generally to the group while paying close attention to players who are silently indicating their actions. One key to moderating is to keep the narration entertaining while still quickly moving the action along.

Contact us!

If you’re interested in helping out as a moderator, email associate track director Mel. We’ll provide you with a full set of instructions, and you’ll be briefed by game play vets on Friday before everything gets started.